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New year, new word

You may dislike resolutions, like I do. The pressure, the inevitable failure to live up to the expectations. I've found that instead of resolutions, setting 'intentions' and creating a word or theme to focus on for the year has been super helpful in moving forward. Hearing your word echo in your mind throughout the year (last year my word was beauty) encourages us to try new things. It also helps as you look back on the year and see the influence your word or theme had on your life.

I smiled when I received the note below from Andrea, who attended the 2019 Visioning workshop. It's very cool how her return to artwork became woven into my theme of beauty!

"I have often thought of that magical day, the moon that night, and your gracious presence that saw us all through. Oh, and the horses! You gave me a complete set of the most incredible metallic watercolour paints, and I'm here to tell you, those darling whimsical colours changed my life! I just didn't connect with that part of myself anymore. But since that very intentional January day, I have devoted myself to creating." Andrea's creations are featured in this blog post and you can find more on Instagram at @arobindrawings.

Finding time early in the year to put your intentions on paper, and better yet, in the presence of the horses, leads to changes. I invite you to come and experience this for yourself in 2021. The 2021 Visioning Workshop has been rescheduled to Saturday, January 30 in hopes it will be safe to host at that time. If you'd like to be put on the list, please shoot me an email and I'll keep you posted. We'll have limited spaces to keep the group small.

PS: Thanks to everyone who entered the New Year's draw for a free session. Congratulations to the winner, Stephenie Wright! I look forward to hosting you as does the herd. It was lots of fun doing the draw with my son Luke, who still finds it fun to help me with these things.

Happy New Year!



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