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What we’ll be not doing this Sunday

🌻 This is what we’ll be ‘not doing’ next weekend in our joy-shop.

“Find your authentic self, your truth, your belonging here. Stand by a Horse without any expectation, intention, agenda, particular purpose. This is possibly the most difficult thing a person can do.

Our “normal” is to be getting to the next moment, rather than being here now. Also, we define ourselves and every moment by what we are accomplishing, and we are measuring ourselves, judging and analyzing almost at all times.

Your truth will change all the time, so let it, the key here is to know what your truth is at any given moment, and fully accept it.

What if you feel awkward, or envious, or afraid? At the moment you acknowledge this is the truth of your experience, this is your present moment. You are practicing Wu Wei, you are not resisting, you are simply allowing. And allowing is what Nature does, what the Horses do.

Align yourself with the power and love of nature, which is your own true nature, and you have stepped into limitless energy and love.”

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This above was written by Andrea Robin for one of our Journeys.

This weekend's joyshop on Sunday from 2-4 will be facilitated by Cheri and Ingrid. Save your spot - this will be a small group with 6 as our maximum. Join us! 🐴❤️

Questions? Call or email for more details.


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