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It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎄

It’s been such a long fall season that when the snow finally arrived, it was actually nice.

Here’s Olive in the midst of her first snow experience. She’s now 6 months old. She’s happy to putter around in the horses’ paddock, and sometimes gets chased away by Zorro if he’s feeling grumpy.

Dog with snow on its nose
Olive’s first snow

We’re holding sessions early evenings and weekends. It’s sure nice to go into the stalls with the horses and groom or just chill with them, out of the weather.

There’s something about the smell of fresh wood shavings. Here’s a picture of the outdoor stable the horses use year round to get out of the weather.

Horses eating hay
Outdoor ‘run-in’

The hayloft has been used a lot more this year, We had a staff retreat for caregivers that was led by Andrea Robin Skinner. We were snug as bugs in rugs! And we learned how to take a brief moment for ourselves to replenish - so we can continue to care for others. This is so important, yet hard to do.

We’ve been doing a lot of walking with the horses this year. The youth that visit enjoy the challenge of getting the horse to follow along until they choose a spot to stop and let them graze. Getting them out of the clover field is not easy, but is a great way to practice being intentional!

Maia takes a walk

Horse amd young girl in field at sunset
Sunset walk with Soleil

If you haven’t yet crossed everything off your list, you can order a Horse Discovery gift certificate for Christmas. A unique and thoughtful gift for anyone looking to discover something about themselves in a safe and supportive environment. Details



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