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10 reasons horses are perfect partners for self-discovery


10. Horses know humans very, very well


Our ability to travel, work, farm and engage in war have all been influenced by the partnership of horse and human.

Since horses know us so well, they are able to read our body language, facial expressions, tone of voice, and even the slightest change in our breathing or muscle tension.  Horses have an innate understanding of what we are experiencing and how to connect with us.


Watch this beautiful video to witness the power of horses!

Meet Carla and how the horses helped her find her authentic self.
Produced by the FEEL Alumni.

horses lower stress levels in humans
9. Being with horses lowers our stress levels.

Studies have proven that just being around horses is good for us. Grooming, walking, watching and simply spending time with horses lowers our stress hormones. See Washington State University study on the cortisol levels in children after being with horses.


Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning
8. FEELing is believing


Over the last 20 years, a field of work has developed in which horses are partners in developing human potential.


Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning (FEEL) is a leading-edge modality that focuses on the mind-body connection for learning new behavioural patterns. Participants of FEEL affirm that spending time with horses while engaging in activities on the ground leads to self-discovery and positive life changes. 



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Horses teach communication skills
7. Horses are naturally excellent communicators


As herd animals who are near the bottom of the food chain in the wild, horses rely on their instincts. This includes the ability to instantly read the subtle non-verbal cues from an approaching predator.


Horses have a lot to teach humans about the power of body language. Learn to experience a full and rich ‘conversation’ with a horse - without speaking a word.

Horses are honest and open teachers
6. Horses have no ego


This makes them honest, open and non-judgmental. They don’t care what car we drive, the clothes we wear, or what our bank account balance is. They accept us for who we are in each moment.


"The horse shows us the joy that comes from living with the bare truth of ourselves. What a gift that is.”  
Zen Horse, Zen Mind

Horses Teach Mindfulness
5. Horses are masters of mindfulness


As prey animals, horses need to constantly aware of their surroundings for survival. They have mastered the ability to be mindful while being relaxed and confident. We too can learn this skill while intentionally spending time with horses. 

4. Horses don't lie


They don’t put on false face, pretend, or wish they were someone else. They are naturally authentic.


Horses respond instantly and instinctively to the people they are with, allowing us to benefit from their honesty.

horses teach leadership skills
3. Leadership is a big part of their world


Horse herds are constantly working out leadership roles. They are social creatures and they understand well the dynamics of groups.


Horses will show you your leadership style (and how well it’s working for you) through a series of exercises on the ground. 


horses bring us back to nature
2. Horses get us back to nature


Being outdoors, surrounded by the beauty of creation, open spaces and fresh air allows us the space we need - space to go within, space to feel what our bodies are telling us, space for self-discovery.


And being with horses gets us away from our electronic devices!


horses allow for self discovery
1. Horses help us see who we really are


Horses naturally reflect the energy and emotions around them. So they can show us parts of ourselves that we can't see. Their honesty and acceptance of us, just as we are, allows the space for genuine self-discovery.

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