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Meet our two-legged team


Cheri and Zorro_edited.png

Cheri Davidson

Founder, Certified FEEL Facilitator, Horse Discovery

"Horses are the bookends of my day. Without them, I don't know how I would stay grounded. They remind me who I am and what is really important. I love to see people re-discover themselves in the presence of the herd."

As a graduate of the FEEL Certification program from Horse Spirit Connections (2014), Cheri is honoured to be partnered with horses in offering Horse Discovery at First Harvest Farm.


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Charlotte Brammer, RP

Equine Assisted Psychotherapist, Registered Psychotherapist

Charlotte Brammer is a registered psychotherapist, EMDR Therapy practitioner, certified hypnotherapist and equine assisted Psychotherapist. She specializes in anxiety treatment, OCD, PTSD and complex trauma. Charlotte can help you to feel better; overcome trauma, let go of anxiety and stress, move forward with grace and ease, and live fully and authentically.


Charlotte has been in private practice since 2007. She is certified through the CRPO. Charlotte has 20 years of equine experience including natural horsemanship and therapeutic techniques as well as classical riding schools.

Charlotte's unique approach stems from her multi-disciplinary studies and own journey of healing from anxiety and OCD. Watch Charlotte explain how the horses impact lives - from children on the autism spectrum, to men and women coping with anxiety and learning to build their life vision.

"The lessons that I have learned only drive my passion to understand. This fuels my continuing education allowing me to continually add new services and techniques to offer a holistic healing experience."

Charlotte's gifted teacher, Auna, lives at Horse Discovery and is a member of the FEEL team.


Ingrid Brammer

Certified FEEL Facilitator, PMP, Master Life Coach at Inner Oasis Wellness

Ingrid’s vision is to empower individuals to uncover their purpose, to bring positive changes to their lives and ultimately achieve their long-term life goals, through holistic life coaching and FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experienced Learning). 


Ingrid became a Certified FEEL Practitioner in 2011 and built a variety of programs and helped countless people with their own transformation through the wisdom of the horse.  As a Master Life Coach Ingrid continues to assist her clients to build the life of their dreams, provides the guidance they seek to find their Inner Oasis. 


Ingrid was an Entrepreneur and Business leader for 30+ years assisting small and large organizations to build business strategies, plan and lead complex projects to re-engineer and thrive.  As a Director in a Fortune 500 organization she lead and motivated her staff to achieve their career goals and the organization strategies.  


​Ingrid's horse Chance lives at Horse Discovery and is part of the FEEL team.

Ingrid is pictured here with Aurora, who graced the farm with her gentle presence in 2021 and has since passed on.


Marion Langford, M.Ed

Marion is a certified coach, facilitator, trainer and organizational development specialist with over 25 years experience.

Marion specializes in the practical “how-to” of leading transformational conversations. Her workshops and coaching contribute to the cultivation of healthy, resilient, engaged employees and innovative, sustainable organizations.


Her areas of expertise are: leadership development, team collaboration and dynamics, performance conversations, and the care and repair of healthy empathy skills at work.

Marion has 18 years experience as a senior manager in public service, leading both adult literacy, youth employment, accessibility programs, and also, organizational development and strategic human resources. Marion is the founder of Creative People Solutions, her coaching and consultancy company since 2003.

Marion has a Master’s in Education, and numerous certificates in coaching (Career, Life and Mind-Body coaching). She is certified to interpret a number of self-assessment tools (including Personality Dimensions and Emotional Intelligence). She is also a licensed Dynamic Emotional Intelligence Trainer and Consultant.

Having experienced the results of  FEEL on a personal level, Marion and Cheri Davidson have come together to create  a unique program: Emotions as Messengers.

Andrea and Kola.jpg

Andrea Robin Skinner

Meditation Facilitator


Andrea is an artist and trauma-sensitive yoga and meditation facilitator. She lives in Port Hope and has two horses at Horse Discovery Farm - Oscar and Maia. She co-facilitates self-care groups at The Gatehouse, in Toronto, an organization for survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

You may see Andrea assisting with group sessions at Horse Discovery, or leading Meditation with Horses. Custom yoga and mindfulness events for your group are a possibility - contact us for details.

Andrea offers commissioned artwork and barn quilt inspired indoor/outdoor works. Visit arobincreation on Instagram or Etsy.

Victoria Sambleson, Certified FEEL Facilitator

Victoria Sambleson

Registered Massage Therapist, FEEL Practitioner and Trainer


For as long as she can remember, Victoria has had a love of horses.  After sitting on a horse at a birthday party when she was 8, her Grandparents had to abandon their dream of her being a Ballerina and buy her a pair of riding boots.  She started riding at the age of 10 and competed as a 3-Day Eventer throughout her teenage years.  Her love of horses spread into all of her activities as a child. From art work to story writing, she always had horses in her thoughts and dreams.


Although Victoria was fulfilled in her corporate career and her dragonboat success, she felt a strong pull towards change.  Her experience in high level competitive sport allowed her access to national level trainers and healing teams.  This experience sparked her interest in various healing modalities, including massage.

In 2017, Victoria became an Advanced FEEL® Practitioner and is now offering FEEL® Certification training for those who are interested in doing this wonderful work with horses themselves.

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Samantha Devlin

Certified FEEL Facilitator, The Equine Link

Samantha’s passion for horses started at a very young age, when she caught a potent case of horse fever and took advantage of every opportunity she could to be with horses. She eventually began taking lessons and at the age of 17 she bought her first horse. This began her stewardship journey and has given her experience working with mares, foals and stallions of varying breeds and experience in various disciplines.

Samantha graduated in 2010 with an Honours Degree in Psychology and has worked in the Social Services industry ever since. Her predominate field has been in vocational counselling with youth and marginalized individuals. Samantha has facilitated many individual and group workshops on life skills, career paths and goal setting. She has demonstrated her excellence in motivating and empowering clients to reach their goals. Samantha is a continuous learner and avid volunteer with Suicide, Sign Language, Intervention and First Aid training and is now a certified FEEL Facilitator.

FEEL has allowed Samantha to explore and identify her own authentic feelings, emotions and needs and begin the path to start moving toward a more fulfilling life. As a FEEL facilitator she assists the horses to improve participants’ physical, emotional and mental wellness. Samantha assists the horses to teach various lessons including self-confidence, emotional agility and heart-based leadership.

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