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Hello friends,

It’s been a while. Summer has passed and so has much of the fall. It’s been busy here on the farm with new faces visiting the Horses. We’ve been focused on adapting to a fuller cycle of work, school, family activities and life without ‘restrictions’.

Reconnecting with the Horses

I hope you have all been well. Not everyone has – and the Horses are here for you if you are feeling off-centre, in need of some support or just a touchpoint to reground. Sessions are available mid week and weekends, depending on who you’re booking with, as each of our facilitators have different availability. Get in touch or book directly with one of us online.


Transitions Journey

The 6 Month Transitions Journey has reminded me of the profound connection that can be found in a small group. We have come together to explore a new theme each month in a series that’s designed to bring awareness to that which wants (or needs) to change and grow in our lives. Alongside our Horse teachers, we’re learning about connected presence, trust, flow and letting go.

“Above all, to sit with myself in peace has been the greatest gift.” Anna McLean

The words above are Number 49 from Anna McLean’s new book, Swimming With Fish. Anna is our client and friend and is on the Transitions Journey with us. Her collection of poems and writings explore themes of spiritual disconnection and reconnection, healing, self-love, relationships, addiction and ultimately the journey home to One Self. Get yourself a copy.


Summer memory - adorning the herd

A fun celebration focused around honouring the beauty of Horse Spirit took place in July. The Horses were absolutely into it – and when they weren’t eating the flowers they allowed them being braided into forelock, mane and tails. Surprising of all was that Zorro expected and welcomed his ‘wreath’. It was a hot day but we enjoyed it so much, it is sure to be an annual tradition.


Holiday Season is upon us!

With Diwali taking place this past week, and Hannukah and Christmas is around the corner…you may be planning your gift giving. Horse Discovery gift certificates are available in any denomination or by the session.

We will mail or email the certificates in time for Christmas if you order by December 17. Give the gift of Horse time to yourself of someone you love.


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