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Jackie - signing off

Photo: Oscar, by Jackie

Jackie's parting words: "I am so grateful for the time I spent at Horse Discovery while on placement for Fleming’s Social Work program. Cheri generously shared her knowledge on the FEEL modality with me and provided opportunities for me to work with her during her sessions with clients to experience first-hand the magical, spiritual healing that takes place with the horses at her family’s beautiful farm. A quiet calmness can be found there which makes it a safe haven for anyone suffering from trauma. I’ve always known the healing ability of horses and to learn about this modality has been a gift. I will take this knowledge with me into practice in future. Thank you Cheri!"

We were blessed to have Jackie join us for her Social Work placement this past winter. Jackie has spent her life caring and rehabilitating racehorses. She's taking a dual degree at Trent this fall, to pair with her Diploma from Fleming College in Social Work focusing on Mental Health and Addictions. Knowing horses naturally have a connection to people who are struggling, Jackie wanted to see how the FEEL approach works. We have all enjoyed her art therapy and learning more about horse care. It's been a pleasure having her insight into the work we do with clients. She's been developing an 8 week experiential learning course for those recovering from trauma and PTSD. It will incorporate our forest, trails, First Nations Grandfather Teachings, and of course the horses. WOW. Thank you Jackie for everything you have shared with us! And for putting up with the driveway this winter. LOL


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