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July 1 meditation reflection

Our latest meditation was remarkable in many ways. Very different from the first we held in May, and yet perfect for a Canada Day unlike any we have known.

We reflected and felt the urgency in the need of First Nations people.

The orange tiger lilies lining the driveway, a full two weeks earlier than usual. The Orange helicopter that roared over the barn, startling our hearts, waking us from a tranquil state - as one person so aptly put it 'showing us the urgency in the need for action, reconciliation, healing.'

Here is Mary's experience:

"I wanted to express my gratitude to both you and Andrea for inviting me into your piece of heaven, both figuratively and spiritually. I'm feeling both cleansed and awakened by my experience. And being amongst others during our time together was magic.There was a feeling of calm amongst us all as we lay spell bound in our meditation. The cadence of a breeze swept over the left side of my body. It acted as a blanket hugging me.

The entire evening was almost surreal. Choreographed.

The horses' presence - then distance - then return. The timing of the helicopter that blatantly dove over us in urgency, as if it was shredding our fears, our hurts, our pain…strangely we all lay still, focused on our presence…living and breathing in our moment…we held as strong as the ferocity of the chopper's engine shook our core….and then was gone…

left with the symphonic harmonies of creatures as their ebb and flow was present, in the flow and fauna of our earth.

Andrea held the orchestral baton and conducted our journey in such a flowing gentle manner.

But she was not alone. There was a spiritual presence of much much more. As if we had entered a fourth dimension that most will never experience in their life here on earth.”

Love, Light and Laughter,


Next meditation: July 29 - Book early, as we're planning a different location where space will be limited.


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