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Andrea Robin Skinner with Kola

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Cheri Davidson with Kola

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Meditation with the horses

Treat yourself to a peaceful and restorative evening. Each meditation is different - sometimes we begin on the lawn, or in the round pen with the horses surrounding us. Other times, the weather moves us into the hay loft. Each time we have a theme that Andrea builds the meditation around.

A short nature walk into the forest, or gentle yoga poses may be incorporated. We will work to each person's comfort level. Chairs are available, just let us know, and please don't hesitate to let us know of any accessibility requests.

Before or after the meditation, we
'll have time to greet the horses and learn how they communicate with us. We'll notice how the horses respond as we shift into a more mindful presence.

October 20 at 6:00 pm

Full Moon Meditation


A full moon ceremony often centres around letting go of what “no longer serves." It seems to be a universal impulse, similar to letting out a long breath after taking a full breath in. Come find out what you are ready to let go of, and see what happens when we connect to the horses, and gently dissolve our sense of separateness from them and all of Nature. Our letting go lets in the fullness of our lives.

What to bring:
  • A blanket to sit on

  • A water bottle

  • Please dress for the weather, wear long pants for the occasional patch of poison ivy, bug spray

  • Wear closed toe shoes


COVID protocol

We’ll remain outside and 6 feet apart.


Cost: $30

Andrea Robin Skinner is an artist and trauma-sensitive yoga and meditation teacher. She lives in Port Hope and has two horses at Horse Discovery Farm. She co-facilitates self-care groups at The Gatehouse, in Toronto, an organization for survivors of childhood sexual abuse.

2021 Meditations

Thursday July 1 (Canada Day) - blog post

Thursday July 29
Thursday August 26 - blog post

Wednesday September 29*, 6:30-8pm

Wednesday October 20 6:00-7:30pm

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"The meditation last night was wonderful! So relaxing, grounding, and incredibly supportive. I had never thought about daily natural occurrences such as daylight to dark working together in this specific way, and I truly enjoyed it. The horses were magical and incredibly powerful. I loved hearing all their different sounds as they encircled us. I also felt the spot where I lay was made for me - my back was fully supported with curves and swells exactly where I needed them - a gift from Madam Universe, showing me I was exactly where I was meant to be last night!"

Brenda Junkin

Joe and I had a wonderful horse meditation experience. It was relaxing and relieved a lot of stress mentally as well as physically. I received much needed healing for a knee that has been a problem for a long time."

Linda Sweet

"Andrea, with her soft, gentle voice and expertise, guided us through a meditation. Then we did a walking meditation beside the paddocks on Cheri’s beautiful property. We ended in an amazing forest and did another body scan meditation. It was a calm, focused, beautiful evening surrounded by nature and horses of course 😊. Even though the air was chilly, our hearts were warmed by the environment, the stillness and these two beautiful women facilitating the event. A perfect little getaway from the craziness of our current world state. It definitely put things into perspective, which is quite a huge accomplishment these days!"

Pat Hutchison

"I wanted to express my gratitude to both you and Andrea for inviting me into your piece of heaven, both figuratively and spiritually. I'm feeling both cleansed and awakened by my experience. And being amongst others during our time together was magic.There was a feeling of calm amongst us all as we lay spell bound in our more."
Mary Lowry