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New Year offering

If you’re feeling a little glum at how the New Year has started off, you’re not alone. 2022 has been a bit of bitter pill in some respects. However, the horses are not phased! They continue to show up, supporting people no matter what they are going through. I don’t think the horses have a care for COVID. They know that we will get past it. Underneath those worries, there are the true reasons we are alive – our higher purpose and our heart’s desires. That is what they want us to access and focus on. Come and be inspired by the quiet messages that whisper to your heart – those insights that are often heard in the presence of a horse’s soft breath, quiet munching, the crunching of snow under hooves. Each New Year, I find a spark of hope and excitement in their presence. We just need to be still and listen. I’m excited to be offering this year’s Visioning Workshop with Andrea Robin Skinner. Together we have both experienced huge shifts over the last year. We’ve combined the tools and approaches that have worked for us and want to share it with you. And of course, the horses are the true stars of the workshop! Expect a combination of meditation, horse time and creative art to solidify your intentions. So if you’re struggling, take heart, the year is young and there’s encouragement just around the corner. If you’re contemplating a dream or new direction you want to pursue this year, this is the perfect way to kick start it! Check out the details on our website. Happy to answer any questions by text or phone 705-932-2244 or email Book now

Here's Soleil in her stall. During the winter, we spend more time in the stalls, but you just never know. We work around the weather and what feels right each day.

We'll spend part of our Visioning Workshop time in the tack room, exploring creative ways to lock in our vision. Coffee, tea, chocolate and 'hot paws' to warm us up!

Olive is 8 months now - and she's fully comfortable in our chore routine: I spread the hay and she romps around trying to get the horses to play! Or she's busy herding her favourite toy - a horse ball she's taken over. Hoping to see you soon and to have you meet her. Stay warm and stay well!


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