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We loved meeting Cheri and the Herd at Horse Discovery. Thank you Andrea for facilitating a beautiful healing meditation session with Soleil ☀️

The Gatehouse Toronto


We loved meeting Cheri and the Herd at Horse Discovery. Thank you Andrea for facilitating a beautiful healing meditation session with Soleil ☀️

The Gatehouse Toronto


We loved meeting Cheri and the Herd at Horse Discovery. Thank you Andrea for facilitating a beautiful healing meditation session with Soleil ☀️

The Gatehouse Toronto

I chose an activity about letting go. I think it was good though for me to get things off my chest, face them and reach a better understanding of things through Kola and the others. Thanks for letting me share. It is going to help other people find their way to the horses. I would love to visit again.

Kyle, Markham

Davidson Fam_62.jpg

Thank you Cheri for offering the Visioning Workshop. It was such an exciting experience, and completely grounding at the same time. You and the horses gave me a wonderful sense of belonging and support.


From just one afternoon, my own path is clearer to me, and I trust my instincts more. The beauty of the herd and your farm is unforgettable.


Andrea, meditation teacher, Port Hope


Photo credit: Graceful Horses Photography

equine facilitated learning

Thank you for the wonderful pictures of me with my new friend Kola! What a sweet soul, and a sneaky one at that - imagine him actually paying attention to you and I while we spoke, standing closely so he could hear every word and reacting to our conversation with genuine hugs for me!

I'd forgotten how much I love horses, and appreciate so very much the new perspective you gave me; the horse as a thinking, feeling, connected being, not just something for humans to direct for their pleasure.

I appreciate the chance to speak from my heart, a heart that has been lightened and lifted after being with your lovely "crew"!

Beth Legere, Peterborough

Thank you so much for a magical morning.


The boys were very affected by this encounter and on the way back my youngest son had a calmness I had not seen in him in a long time.


Alex Bal, Peterborough

Mother & Daughter Afternoon

Yesterday was so surreal! I thoroughly enjoyed every moment with the horses. Please know how much the hoses truly impacted my Mom and I.  Us two ‘city slickers’ were humbled and moved by what the horses revealed to us about our respective next stages in life.
Sapna Alim, Toronto


Words cannot describe how magical it was to spend the afternoon with your horses.
It certainly has left quite the impression on me.  Find myself talking about my experience to anyone who will listen.
So looking forward to coming again in the months ahead.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful horses with us.
Liloo Alim
Chef Concierge, Four Seasons Hotel,Toronto


Photography Workshop participants:


This was a wonderful experience of being able to connect with the horses on such a personal level. I came away with peace and happiness. 
Shelley McIntosh, Newmarket


I learned, I watched, I engaged. I enjoyed every minute of it.
Lena Dawood, Richmond Hill

I learned so much about how horses communicate and that they really mirror for us what we project.
Ron Clifford Photography, Newmarket


The Horse Within workshop participants:


I am leaving the workshop with an even clearer picture of my journey. Thanks to Cheri and her love of horses, people, and how they can teach each other.

Janet Hogeboom, Integrated Energy Therapies 


Beautiful spot and a beautiful experience! I would recommend this to everyone!

Leisa Peacock, Peterborough


I connected with the horses on a level that I haven’t since I was a teenager. Love the peaceful, healing energy of the property.

Katherine Fee, Wild Iris Reiki


This experience breathed clarity into my future.

I am feeling most grateful to the horse for selecting me and enlightening me today.



Self-awareness is such a powerful gift from the horses.

Lloyd Chiotti, Aurora


What a joyous, cherished and life-enhancing experience for me. With gratitude for all your efforts. This is a day I’ll remember with much love and joy. I cried and laughed - overcome by the tenderness of the horses and humans.

Isabella, Toronto


Having spent time with the horses, I’m able to face the issues that are affecting me professionally and personally.


Cheri’s deep relationship with the horses translated into meaningful personal development for me.


Steve Elliott
Millbrook, Ontario

I learned that I can be completely honest about what I am feeling with the horses - with no judgment or disapproval.


Cheri was fabulous in making things easy to understand and remaining neutral.


Just grooming a horse and being aware of your breathing and their reactions is a wonderful therapy session in itself!

Debbie Hamilton


As a counsellor I’m used to working with people using words, not animals, especially great big ones!

Nonetheless, my inquisitiveness overcame my intimidation when Cheri introduced me to her Horse Discovery program. Her experience with horses and her capability put me at ease immediately. She gave me the confidence I needed to enter into this new arena in my life.


At the end of the first session with Gandalf, I felt a peacefulness in my heart center that I hadn’t felt in a long time. Subsequent sessions gave me insights into the issues that were on my mind, and renewed confidence in my ability to meet them. I learned a lot about horses from Cheri: they have huge hearts and I’m grateful that they connected with mine.


Lucinda Hage

Author, What Time is the 9:20 Bus

Peterborough, Ontario

I was introduced to Cheri because I loved horses but feared them.


After three sessions, I feel completely relaxed with her horses! I was hugging them, playing around with them and laughing. They can be so gentle. It's hard to put into words, but I feel so fulfilled spiritually.


It was one of the best experiences of my life. 


Helen Williams 


I first met Barney in October 2014 at the Freedom Valley Horse Rescue and had the privilege to photograph him with his family of rescued friends. He made quite the impression on me then, as we connected out in the field. There was a wisdom and pride to this horse as he paused majestically and allowed me to capture his spirit on camera. A real honor. 


I recently visited Barney at his new home - Cheri's farm. The experience with him was something that will stay with me always. As I approached the herd out in the field, Barney was happily grazing. He noticed me and stopped. He took a few steps forward and remained quiet and still, waiting. I just felt I had to come close and sit beside him. Barney's energy wrapped me in its protective aura and I knew I was safe, even though so very close to his bigger-than-life, statuesque body. As I was sitting in the grass, another horse approached me and smelled my hair. I was in a vulnerable position, yet experienced no fear. I was with Barney. And the rest of the herd knew that.


Each of the other horses gave me wonderful gifts that day and I left with their most powerful message ever: 'Do not worry, you have never left us'. Thank you Cheri for capturing this powerful moment, I can't wait to visit again!

Manuela Stefan, Graceful Horses Photography

My time with Yankee - although it took place on one of the coldest days of the year - was a unique and wonderful experience. 


The obstacle course activity provided new insight on an issue I've been wresting with.


This work has the potential to impact people on many levels. The horses get us out of the boardroom and stimulate creative thinking. 


Martin Yuill
Executive Director, Greater Peterborough Innovation Cluster


soleil and sabine.jpg

What a wonderful experience the entire herd presented me with. I felt lighter, enthusiastic, and 'unstuck', because of what the horses guided me through. The second I stepped onto your beautiful property I felt so welcomed.

Sabine, Uxbridge

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