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Lights, camera, action!🎬

Guess what? We're making a short film to show what happens here on the farm. We recently had a shoot day that was amazingly beautiful - the way weather, horses and people all came together. It‘s all because a client, Catherine Rix. She's a screen writer based in Toronto whose work highlights social justice issues. She wanted to help us share the way horses help people and tell our stories.

We had a full day from morning till sunset - and I swear the horses knew the shot list. When it came to getting the one take we didn’t think would be possible - well, it happened. I’ll share as soon as it’s finished. Here’s a few pictures from the day.

In gratitude to Catherine, Damien, (pictured above filming Melissa) Caitlyn, Andrea, Zahara, Paul and Melissa Blakely-Simpson. ♥️🐴⭐️👍🏻 And of course the herd, who were stars!


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