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What I'm learning about emotions

This season, Kola and Soleil, our two lead horses, have been showing me how working with my emotions is easier than I used to think. Maybe because I was ‘thinking’ too much. It can involve a quiet moment in the pasture, being grounded and not having an agenda. They’ll position their bodies towards or around me in a deliberate way, standing still while I place my hands on their soft coats. Sometimes it’s my head, arms or whole upper body leaning on them. They are strong; they offer support as I release whatever it is that’s weighing me down or not at peace in my body. Often nature will play a role: a perfectly timed bird call, the winds picking up, the sun peeking out from behind the clouds. Here's 2 things we didn't learn in school:

  1. Emotions are simply information.

  2. All emotions, even the darkest ones have the power to protect and inform.

Horses can help you find the message behind the emotions you're experiencing, move through them, and go ‘back to grazing’. Here's another aha: Feelings don’t have to be rationalized, labelled or talked through. The Horses teach that emotions simply need to be felt - and released. Your own experience will be as unique as you are. Private sessions available evenings and weekends with myself or one of our facilitators. Marion Langford is especially well versed in emotions and we offer workshops together. It's always a pleasure to have Marion's gentle spirit and insight alongside the Horses. Wishing you an Easter season of renewal and release. Cheri


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