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"Self-awareness is such a powerful gift from the horses."

Lloyd Chiotti, Aurora 


Self Discovery


Horses have a unique ability to shed light on who we really are, our worries, our stumbling blocks - and our potential. 


Horses connect with and influence people no matter what they are going through:


  • Highly stressful work situations

  • Difficult life stages including divorce, single parenthood, unemployment, retirement, empty nest

  • Living with chronic pain or disease

  • Loved ones in palliative care - or recent loss of a loved one (human or animal)

  • Family member with autism, developmental delays or mental health challenges

  • Being a care-giver to aging parents, children or a spouse

  • Relationship struggles

  • New job, career change, launching a new business

  • Times of uncertainty, being ‘stuck’ in old patterns, looking for new direction


Ocsar and friend.jpg
Private Self-Discovery Sessions

Embark on a journey of self-discovery. These sessions will be tailored to your goals and  needs. Your learning alongside horses will include:


  • Experiencing the wisdom of the horse through one-on-one interaction 

  • Learn to feel your energy field and how it affects yourself and others

  • Achieve calm and focus through grounding tools and practices

  • How to connect with horses and others on a deeper level

  • Examine a part of your life you’d like to change - and come away with fresh insight from your horse teachers


There is no riding involved and anyone can attend regardless of physical limitations. Participation is by choice – for both horses and humans.


90 minutes, $150

Package of 3 sessions = $400 (Save $50)


Pay it forward
One out of ten

We want everyone who desires to grow through the wisdom of the horses to be able to do so.


We are donating one session out of every ten to those in need of a break.


Please contact us to arrange a session for yourself or someone you love.


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