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"Self-awareness is such a powerful gift from the horses."

Lloyd Chiotti, Aurora 


Self Discovery


Horses have a unique ability to shed light on who we really are, our worries, our stumbling blocks - and our potential. 


Horses connect with and influence people no matter what they are going through:


  • Highly stressful work situations

  • Difficult life stages including divorce, single parenthood, unemployment, retirement, empty nest

  • Living with chronic pain, disease, anxiety or depression

  • Loved ones in palliative care - or recent loss of a loved one (human or animal)

  • Family member with autism, developmental delays or mental health challenges

  • Being a care-giver to aging parents, children or a spouse

  • Relationship struggles

  • New job, career change, launching a new business

  • Times of uncertainty, being ‘stuck’ in old patterns, looking for new direction


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Private Sessions
FEEL® - Facilitated Equine Experiential Le

Embark on a journey of self-discovery. These sessions will be tailored to your goals and needs. Your learning alongside horses will include:


  • Experiencing the wisdom of the horse through one-on-one interaction 

  • Learn to feel your energy field and how it affects yourself and others

  • Achieve calm and focus through grounding tools and practices

  • How to connect with horses and others on a deeper level

  • Examine a part of your life you’d like to change - and come away with fresh insight from your horse teachers


There is no riding involved and anyone can attend regardless of physical limitations. Participation is by choice – for both horses and humans.

Sessions will be led by a certified FEEL Facilitator. Visit our Team page for details.


90 minutes, $150

Package of 3 sessions = $425 (Save $25)


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All Videos

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