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From the round pen

It was a beautiful warm evening for our meditation and we found ourselves surrounded by the horses as soon as we dropped into a place of rest.

We heard Kola come trotting down the aisle, followed by Soleil. Not long after the others joined. We listened to them munching grass and felt their hooves stomping the ground to shake flies off their legs.

The sky slowly faded from blue to grey as the clouds rolled in, providing relief from the day’s extreme heat. ☁️

Andrea’s meditation took us through our 7 chakras and reminded us of the wisdom our body holds, if only we listen. Her hand painted chakra stones were beautiful.

One participant noticed the rhythmic song of the crows, easily overlooked and yet important in its own right.

It gets dark far too early these days! See you September 29 for the next meditation. We'll have to start at 6:30 to beat the sunset.🌅

Here are a few pictures of the evening:


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