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Emotions as Messengers  self discovery program


Emotions as messengers
Self discovery through the wisdom of the horse

We all experience strong emotions from time to time that cause discomfort to ourselves and others. We can often find ourselves stuck in a pattern of reacting to fear, anger, guilt and other emotions in ways we know aren’t serving us well. Suppose for a moment, though, that you could learn to work with your emotions in such a way that they bring you more wisdom, more insight and a wider array of choices for how to respond?  

This program has been designed to help you to learn:

  • That there are neither ‘good’ or ‘bad’ emotions, but that all emotions have timely information to offer

  • Insights into your emotions that have previously left you feeling stuck

  • How to channel emotions so that you can work with them and not feel overwhelmed by them

  • Allow emotions to protect, rejuvenate and awaken you

  • Learn from the horses how to be more present and aligned in how you respond and embrace emotions

What’s included:

  • You will receive a pre-workshop Emotions Inventory to complete. This helps to highlight patterns and pinpoint the areas you want to focus on.

  • Two horse guided learning sessions at Horse Discovery, 90 minutes each, about 2 weeks apart. You will have the support of Marion’s coaching during the sessions.

  • Gift set of Emotions Cards by Karla McLaren

Program Fee:  $450.00

Meet the team to support your learning

Marion Langford, M.Ed, a Dynamic Emotional Integration Consultant™ who has studied with Karla McLaren, author of The Language of Emotions. Read bio

Cheri Davidson, FEEL Facilitator (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) Horse Discovery. Read bio

The herd at Horse Discovery, equine teachers who will help you to see yourself in new ways. These  deeply sensitive beings offer support without judgment.

horse therapy
life after cancer
becoming unstuck
Life After Cancer Treatment

You’ve survived the radiation, chemo, surgery and all that it entails.  At last, treatment is over.  Life should be good, you should be happy, right?

But you’re not.  

If anything, you are feeling anxious and scared about your future.  You’re less sure about who you are now or what to do with getting your life back.

As a cancer survivor, Marion Langford understands that the period following treatment brings with it strong emotions, physical challenges and a time for redefining yourself.

Allow the horses, Marion and Cheri to help you gain insight to what there is you may be experiencing such as:

  • Working with the fears and anxieties that remain after treatment

  • Responding to other people’s expectations of you (and those you have of yourself!)

  • What this next phase in your recovery and life means to you

The program, support team and cost are the same as Emotions as Messengers above.
Visit Marion's website dedicated to Your Life Beyond Cancer.

Becoming Unstuck


Life can lead us into a place of feeling stuck, stalled, frozen. We feel trapped, or in a holding pattern.

Join Marion Langford, a leadership and life coach, and Cheri Davidson, communications professional and equine facilitator, as they guide your time with the horses. Exercises will be tailored to your goals. You may wish to explore:

  • Do you sense a need for change, but aren’t sure what needs to change?

  • Is it time to end a relationship, job or commitment that is no longer in your best interests?

  • Are you thinking of starting a new business?

  • Is there a person who you continually have difficulty with and can’t seem to shift the outcome?

The program, support team and cost are the same as Emotions as Messengers above.

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