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Capture your horse connection

Capture your connection on camera

I'm excited to offer this unique addition to FEEL sessions. My friend Manuela Stefan, equine photographer and photojournalist at Graceful Horses, has a quiet and unassuming way of capturing people in connection with horses. Next week she's hosting a group of women at a ranch in Mexico.

I've often wished I could take photos for clients during sessions, as there are incredibly tender and beautiful moments of connection with the horses. But I never trust myself to take pictures during a session without losing the moment. I have experimented with Manuela and trust her completely. And she is a professional so her photos are amazing.

By appointment only, starting this spring you can have Manuela join your session and capture it with unforgettable images. You will receive digital images of your session to keep. I think you will enjoy reading her blog. More details to come.

Graceful Horses - Manuela Stefan

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