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Spring Newsletter

Stable Perspectives

It seems a long time since the last newsletter when we were preparing for Christmas. It was an easy winter and since we had good footing for much of it, we were able to continue our FEEL sessions over the winter. Despite the warm temperatures, we still went through a record amount of hay, and I think we have Barney to thank for it. He has gained even more weight, and as we all know, it takes a lot of ‘salad’ to put on another few pounds. It takes a certain frame to carry 2000 pounds and still look fabulous! I’m pleased to report that the rest of the herd is healthy and happy. Casper, the oldest, just turned 25. He had some problems with a locked pelvis but two sessions with his chiropractor and he was back to health. Here’s a link to a video where Dr. Cove is giving a horse a chiropractic adjustment. What’s incredible is that after a pinched nerve that left him unable to walk and his veterinarian recommending putting him down, Dr. Cove helped restore him to full health within a few adjustments. Thank heavens for alternative approaches! Don’t let Casper’s age fool you - last fall he went bucking through a field as we were riding, and just last week, was the only horse to sneak through the fencing and get to the juiciest new grass just outside the gate! More than once this winter, Casper was pegged by FEEL visitors as the youngest horse in the herd.
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