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Time for horse time?

It's been almost 4 months since COVID-19 shut down much of our world. I know for many this has seemed like a bit of a house arrest, difficult and isolating. I'm happy to say that after reviewing local public health recommendations (in addition to living and breathing the developing situation through my work in municipal communications), I'm confident it's safe to start having FEEL sessions at the farm.

Soleil grazing

Here's how we'll stay safe:

  • I'll send a screening out 24 hours prior to your session, ensuring you're safe to come

  • We have disposable masks and hand sanitizer on hand at all times in the tack room

  • Groups will be limited to 7 or less

  • Activities with the horses are naturally conducive to distancing

  • We spend most of our time outdoors in nature

If you're interested in booking a session, or have questions about how we can safely meet, please get in touch by phone 705-932-2244 or email.

If you'd like an 8 minute escape to the country, a walk on the trails and a hello to the horses, view our latest video.

The horses are well and enjoying the hot weather (I think) and the grazing time.

I hope you're well, and we'll connect soon.

In health,


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