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Opposites Attract

I’m so glad I took the opportunity to have a session with Cheri, Marion and Kola. Over the last two years I’ve been untangling some deeply ingrained emotional patterns that have made it very difficult for me to ask for what I need, create safe, predictable, and reliable boundaries, and to engage in discussions without a defensive slant. After discussing what it was that I was looking to achieve, Marion and Cheri curated a session that allowed for me to explore what moving authentically looked like for me. I had no idea that looking into movements and seeing if they felt good or not good would be as impactful as it was. Partway through the session I recognized how deeply I desired to have connections and how I move in ways that I think will make other people like me. I realized that while the behaviors/mannerisms I have used in my life have kept my vulnerabilities, my longings, and my desires safe, they have also given me the exact opposite of what I desire in life. Partway through the session I experienced an intense pain in my throat that made me decide to pause and ask for support from my friends who were witnessing my exercise. Drawing them in and including them in the exercise, for me, represented a huge break through in finding a vulnerability and asking for help to nurture it. Kola, my equine partner, from that point on was engaged with my movements. At the end when I decided to lay on my back in the middle of the pasture, he came over and gave me just the right amount of space and attention that validated what I was feeling in my body: safety, courage, peace, and satisfaction. Since the session I’ve been able to find the courage to try things in the complete opposite way of what I have done in my life. I’m finding it incredibly rewarding and am developing confidence that carries with it a horse like ease and grace. Whatever it is you are looking to discover or work through, I cannot recommend this experience highly enough. Five Stars. Above and beyond what I expected. Marion’s experience with emotions and Cheri’s experience with horse facilitated learning leads to something deeply and profound - and magical. Andrea Watkins, Colorado

In our Emotions as Messengers program, Marion Langford and Cheri Davidson invite you to find your way to new insights and to a new calm in your life. Or simply book one session and see where it leads you.

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