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Happy New Year?

I'm usually quite optimistic about new beginnings like a new year, a new school term or starting a new job. This year I'm feeling a little behind my usual ambitious start. I've been down with a bad cold/flu for 4 days now and still no signs of improvement. I have to wonder if this is a message about starting things off slowly? Cooling my jets? Taking the time I need to get well? If any of this sounds familiar to you, or you've learned how to slow things down, prioritize what's really important, and cut out the stuff that isn't - kudos to you. I'm finding this to be a recurring challenge.

My FEEL mentors, Wendy and Andre Golding, are practicing shamans. Their interpretation of the numeric value of 2018 is 11: the number of FOCUS.

At first this felt like an easy theme for the year - focus on a new goal, a new project at work, something new to accomplish. But that's what I always do. I think this year, the challenge will be what I choose NOT to focus on. Dare I say - doing less, not adding anything to the 'to do' list? Dare I go so far as to focus on me? What are you focusing on this year? If you're a little fuzzy about this like I am, invite you to bring this question to the horses. They have a way of showing us what our inmost desires are. Not the things we think we should DO, but the way our soul is craving for us to BE.

A session focused on your intent for the new year is a really unique way to honour yourself and your family.

Here's hoping the weather warms up just a bit so we can get outside. Below is a little gallery of our heated tack room - essential for winter FEEL sessions! Hot chocolate and tea is always included.

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