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Afternoons with the Herd


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Meditation with Horses

Meditation with Horses


With Andrea Robin, Meditation Facilitator


We all know how important it is to relax in order to recharge ourselves, feel what we feel, and live in a meaningful, balanced way.


But 'resting in being' is so much more easily said than done, mostly because it’s the one thing that can’t be 'done'! Here’s where meditating with Horses can really help. Horses are naturally and effortlessly present, not in conflict with themselves, not trying to be or do better, but content in their being, and like water that moves from mountain to ocean, they gravitate towards connection, balance and unity; just being near their beautiful energy can release tension (of body, mind and soul) we didn’t know we had. The kind and curious nature of horses further invites us to let go, to let the moment unfold without us managing it, simply responding to what is from an open heart. This openness can give us a glimpse of what is possible in our day-to-day lives.❤️


60 minute, one-on-one sessions in the field or paddock with the Horses. Short, guided meditations combined with longer periods of quiet. Guidance in how to connect with Horses using touch and/or energy.

Book online, $125 per person

Andrea and Maia.HEIC
"Wisdom tells me I am nothing, love tells me I am everything, and between the two my life flows."

~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

Maia Zorro and Chance meditating.HEIC
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