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"This is a day I’ll remember with much love and joy. I cried and laughed, overcome by the tenderness of the horses and humans."

Isabella, The Horse Within workshop participant


Group horse guided learning workshops
Workshops in Leadership & Team Building, Emotional Agility
Authentic Self

Group Discovery Workshops


Experiencing the horses within a group lends a different dynamic to the learning. Observing the behaviours of the horses with others and sharing insights and discoveries is not only powerful - it’s a lot of fun.


Workshops are held with groups of 3 or more.


Each experience is customized to meet the goals of the group. Exercises with the horses will be chosen to suit the group. Some involve working one-on-one with a horse, others will include all group members with one or more horses at a time. 


Workshops are ideal for corporate groups, not-for-profit boards and committees, families and groups of people with a shared background.


Most workshops are 1 day (9:30 am-5:00 pm), include a hot lunch, beverages throughout the day, and all materials.


Contact us for individually priced workshops for your group.


There is no riding and anyone can attend regardless of physical limitations. Participation is by choice – for both horses and humans.

Workshop topics can include: 


Leadership styles and skills

Horses will show you quickly and clearly what your leadership style is, and whether it’s working for you. They’ll help you learn new skills for conscious leadership and allow you to see the results in action. Observing the styles of others in your group makes the experience very rich.

Team building 

Let the horses help your new work group, team or family develop a closer bond. Group exercises will call out the strengths of each member and help you experience the best roles for each as you work together on horse-related tasks. 


Emotional agility

Understanding the messages behind emotions, learning to process emotions as horses do (not over-reacting or holding onto emotions), understanding your own emotional triggers, setting and respecting healthy boundaries.

*This topic is helpful for front-line care givers and support staff as it supports self-care and rejuvenation.


Authentic Living

Getting to know the False Self and Authentic Self that make up our everyday experience leads to freedom from judgment and a greater sense of contentment. Horses sense and provide us with immediate visual affirmation of our positive mental shifts. creating new neural pathways in our brain as we learn new skills. 








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