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Remembering Barney

A year ago this month, Barney crossed over to the spirit world. He brought many gifts to our family and the people he met through Horse Discovery. The empty space he left in our hearts has been filled in a beautiful way. I believe he helped to call new partners to our farm, and in doing so has shaped the amazing herd we have today.

I can feel his presence from time to time in the area of the barn where he used to stand and eat his hay. I get the sense that the other horses are taking on roles and characteristics that were his. For example, Zorro (the mini) will often stand back during a session, acting as guardian and grounding or balancing the energy. It's sweet to see his little body assuming the role that was once Barney's. It's a reminder that physical appearances don't define us. Being with horses allows us to be seen as exactly who we are - nothing more, nothing less.

Here are a few favourite pictures of Barney, and the people he touched.

The 2021 Visioning Workshop has been rescheduled (again) to Saturday, February 13 in hopes the it will be safe to gather in a small group at that time.Subscribe to our newsletter to keep posted of schedule changes and other news.

Until soon, be well.



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