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A grief observed

"I'd made the decision to open myself up to the grief that I'd been holding. This experience with the horses allowed me to heal. I felt so safe with the horses. I'm grateful for everything I took away from my time with them." Anne D

You may, too, have some grief that you’d like to allow to flow into a safe place. Or maybe you are full of fears, or feeling vulnerable or anxious. The horses will help you release what needs to be let go, and help fill you up with what can take it's place. (See an example of how in the exercise below).

There's no judgement when you're working with horses, only a pure, energetic connection.

Marion Langford and Cheri Davidson will be there to support you. In our Emotions as Messengers program, we invite you to find your way to new insights and to a new calm in your life. Or simply book one session and see where it leads you.

An example FEEL (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) exercise - Release and Acceptance

Step 1: The horse and client 'pair up' with each other (a fascinating process to observe - it really is a mutual decision), and then enter a round pen or arena.

Step 2: Release

The client walks around the circular pen in a counter-clockwise direction with the intent of releasing an emotion, a thought, a belief or pattern. They are encouraged to speak this intention out loud. The FEEL facilitators watch the horse's behaviour. Are they following in the client's footsteps? Are they disengaged? The signs are usually quite clear. When the client feels complete with this step, they stop.

Step 3: Acceptance

Having released what needed to go, there is room to accept something new. A new belief, a new hope, a new acceptance about some part of you or what is possible in your life. The client walks clockwise around the pen, focusing on bringing in this new aspect.

At the close of the activity, the facilitator shares what she saw in the horse and client interaction. This debriefing time allows the client to share as little or as much as they wish. Often the horse will come close, appear to be listening in, and lick and chew repeatedly to affirm what was learned!

Watch a video about how horses help heal - even migraines!

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