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Fall news from the herd

Meet the new herd members at Horse Discovery!

For those who haven't been here since the Spring, there's been some big changes in the herd. We now have 5 amazing horses: Barney, Kola, Santana, Soleil and Zorro.

Many of you already know Barney, the gentle giant. Kola is our youngest horse, the inquisitive, playful buckskin in the photo here. Santana was the first to join our herd in June. He is reserved, almost shy, and very sensitive.

I'm so happy to say that the herd is now 'mixed', as we have a beautiful white mare named Soleil. From the moment she arrived, she has been a calming and stabilizing influence. She is Kola's mate, but she's also very close with Zorro. More about Zorro, his story and his ‘big’ personality in the next post.

I've wanted to have a mixed herd for a long time, believing that it's more natural for the horses. It has definitely been a change for the better. In fact, since June, all the horses have been thriving. I've been amazed at their teaching, and I'm learning more about herd social dynamics too. I hope that you'll book a visit before long and meet the new horses.

Graceful Horses - Manuela Stefan

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