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2022 Visioning Workshop: Create your Year

Saturday February 12, 2022

1-5 pm

Come and allow the horses to guide you gently into your vision for the year.

  • What is it that you desire to learn, experience or become?

  • What habits, beliefs or practices do you want to let go of?

  • What do you want more of in your life?

We will begin with a meditation next to the horses, for grounding and opening our hearts to the season, the horses and our own life energy. Messages and guidance are all around us when we get quiet enough to listen.

Through one on one time, you'll reflect with a horse about your year ahead. As always, the horses choose who they work with, and our first activity makes this clear. Cheri Davidson will guide these interactions. Hear about how the horses helped set a new path Cheri and Andrea that resulted in changes that were above-and-beyond their expectations.

Join Andrea Robin Skinner in the heated tack room for a tea, snacks and creative time. Create your year - encourage what you've heard from the horses to manifest in your life through a creative expression that you take home with you. A variety of art materials will be available to choose from, and Andrea can help get you started. No art experience necessary, just play!

*Consider also joining our Summer Solstice and year-end workshops. These will allow you to intentionally check in on your progress, notice what's been presenting itself to you this year and make any adjustments/additions to what you'd like to see happen in 2022. You will be amazed to see how your year is taking shape and how it is following the path you created in February.

While it is not mandatory to have taken a FEEL session prior to joining this workshop, it is recommended. The basics of safety, horse communication and energy exchange will have been learned in a previous session and will enhance your time with the horses during this workshop.

Limited to 4 participants

$199 per person

Questions? Call 705-932-2244 or email

Book Online: $50 deposit to hold your spot, balance due on Feb. 22.

IMG_E2250 (2).JPG

"I have often thought of that magical day, the moon that night, and your gracious presence that saw us all through. Oh, and the horses! You gave me a complete set of the most incredible metallic watercolour paints, and I'm here to tell you, those darling whimsical colours changed my life! I just didn't connect with that part of myself anymore. But since that very intentional January day, I have devoted myself to creating."

Andrea, Visioning Workshop 2019


Andrea's creations are featured in this blog post and you can find more on Instagram at @arobindrawings.

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