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Transitions - a horse led experiential journey

Embark this Summer Solstice on a horse-led journey to connect with your authentic self. 

Love, support and creative energy are all around us and moving through us, but we’re not always attuned. We can lose touch with our sense of belonging, our truth and purpose, and end up feeling stuck.


Luckily, Horses have extraordinary skills and desire when it comes to helping us evolve. They live from truth, kindness, and harmony, and their wisdom speaks to our hearts, to our bones, where we feel rather than think our way to authenticity, flowing with life’s natural processes of healing and growth. 


Join Cheri, Andrea and the Horses on a six-month exploration to transform trapped energy of the past, relax into the present, and open to a meaningful future that is truly yours.

The Space


Find yourself welcomed into the herd’s spaces - pastures, forest, round pen.
We’ll be in small groups with facilitators guiding you through the activities and creative expressions. Each month will present a new theme for reflection and horse time will allow for individual and group exploration. Group size will be limited to allow for maximum horse time. This is a closed group experience - everyone will be together for the duration of the journey.

The Journey

Your facilitators


Contact us for upcoming sessions.


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