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Photography Workshop - Connecting to horses, yourself and your Vision


9:00 am - 6:00 pm


Geared to photographers looking to find their Vision, this full day event will bring you close to horses, nature, and yourself. You’ll explore the language of horses, discover how they communicate with us, and learn how you can connect with them, yourself, and your creative Vision. 


You will enjoy an entire morning of self discovery with facilitator Cheri Davidson, including group and individual interactions with the horses, followed a gourmet catered lunch.


The afternoon will be devoted to photography with instruction from Ron Clifford, using the insights gained during the morning’s session. We’ll explore aspects of creative photography, use of natural light, the environment and yes, the horses, to help you discover your creative vision.


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Photo-Dorothy Chiotti

Led by:

Cheri Davidson of Horse Discovery 

Photographer Ron Clifford

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