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Discovery Mornings - for health and wellness practitioners


The Horse Within Workshop

9:30 am - 12:30 pm


A brief introduction to horses as teachers and healers.


Take part in a hands-on experience to open your awareness of the possibilities with horses.


You may discover how horses can become a partner in your healing practice, or a new path to self-discovery for your clients. You will most certainly learn something new about your connection with horses!



"I had the chance to spend a few meaningful hours with Cheri and her horses as part of a Discovery Day workshop.

I was touched and amazed at the potential for emotional connection with these animals. I caught a glimpse of the learning and growth that can happen in this setting, and will happily encourage my clients to check out equine therapy at Horse Discovery as part of their own journey of self-discovery and healing."

Beth Ann Lichti, MACP, RPCc


(re)Discover You


These sessions are by invitation to health and wellness practitioners.

Request a date for your workgroup or yourself by sending an email to



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