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Afternoons with the Herd



Afternoons with the herd

Available dates:

Sunday July 9

Saturday July 15

Saturday July 29
2-4 pm


The Afternoons with the Herd 'joyshop' brings you together with the entire Horse Discovery herd. Unlike a typical FEEL session where you spend time with one Horse, we'll venture into the pastures with the herd.

Experiment with the practice of "Wu Wei", the Chinese art of doing nothing.

It's in these quiet, no-expectation moments that the still, small voice of your authentic self can be heard. You may also hear, see or feel a Horse's message to you, or connect with the Divine spirit within.

It will be a time of peace, grounding and connection with the natural world.

We remain on the ground with the Horses; no riding. No horse experience necessary.

Please bring a blanket to sit on and a water bottle.

Your facilitators will be Cheri Davidson, Ingrid Brammer and/or Monica Gilkes.

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