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Welcome to Horse Discovery  - horse guided learning for life
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The FEEL Approach

FEEL© (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) does not involve riding. Everything is done from the ground, and no horse experience is necessary. It's remarkable how much you can experience when you feel safe and can remain present in the moment. The Horses have a way of:

  • opening our hearts

  • enabling emotions to flow

  • allowing memories to surface

  • reminding us of who we truly are

Horses see us as we are, without judgement or expectations.

From this place, it is easier to be open to new experiences and growth.

Your time with the Horses can help ease anxiety and depression, regulate behaviour and lead to positive changes - no matter your age, ability or lived experience.


Learn more about why Horses are perfect partners for self discovery.

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"From the moment you arrive, you know amazing things are going to happen...I spent time with the entire herd, which was a gift, but Oscar chose me and guided me through some wonderful, and sometimes hilarious, moments of self-discovery."
Dana S, read full Google review

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