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Horse guided learning for life

Message from the Horses

Nothing must change.
can change.

Our Mission

Horses living naturally,

choosing freely to partner with humans. On our journey of self discovery and healing, Horses are our teachers.

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Our certified facilitators guide you, ensuring safety at all times, allowing you to embrace the present moment.

Connect deeply with the Horse that chooses you. Find your authentic self.

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"From the moment you arrive, you know amazing things are going to happen...I spent time with the entire herd, which was a gift, but Oscar chose me and guided me through some wonderful, and sometimes hilarious, moments of self-discovery."
Dana S


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The FEEL Approach

Experience what it’s like to truly FEEL.

FEEL® (Facilitated Equine Experiential Learning) was founded by Wendy Golding and Andre Leclipteux of Horse Spirit Connections Inc., a not-for-profit corporation dedicated to promoting transformation and personal growth through the wisdom of the horse. Today, this unique certification program has more than 200 graduates from across Canada, North America, Sweden and South Africa. The Horse Discovery Team are FEEL Facilitators. Learn more at

You're invited

Our welcoming space is safe and open to everyone, including those of any age, gender identity, lived experience, physical or mental ability. No Horse experience is necessary.

Join us and begin your journey.

Children and Horses

Our youngest participant is 4, our oldest is 84, and counting!
We believe in giving Horses the choice
of who they interact with, when and how. This teaches children that Horses are sentient beings with similar feelings, emotions, needs and desires as us.

By working together as our partners, the Horses teach us confidence, the power of intention, healthy boundaries, emotions as messengers, and much more!

Kola and L.heic
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