May 15, 2018

Since the FEEL session, I've been able to find the courage to try things in the complete opposite way of what I have done in my life. I’m finding it incredibly rewarding and am developing confidence that carries with it a horse like ease and grace.

March 22, 2018

"I'd made the decision to open myself up to the grief that I'd been holding. This experience with the horses allowed me to heal. I felt so safe with the horses. I'm grateful for everything I took away from my time with them."  Anne D

You may, too, have some grief that you’d like to allow to flow into a safe place. Or maybe you are full of fears, or feeling vulnerable or anxious. The horses will help you release what needs to be let go, and help fill you up with what can take it's place. (See an example of how in the exercise below).

There's no judgement when you're working with horses,  only a pure, energetic connection.

Marion Langford and Cheri...

February 1, 2018

Happy to share this post written by a client who worked with Marion Langford, the herd and I this past fall:

To be able to do this, and then make sense of it in words later, with Marion and Cheri as witnesses to the whole dance, was a gift I will never forget.

As a therapist, I often say to my clients "Your body is not a car - your body is a horse". When I say this, I am inviting them to pay attention to the non-verbal signals of emotion and sensation that their body provides, to learn to settle their emotions and be in the moment.

Now, thanks to Marion’s and Cheri’s invitation to work with the herd, I would learn the truth of that saying.


January 2, 2018

I'm usually quite optimistic about new beginnings like a new year, a new school term or starting a new job. This year I'm feeling a little behind my usual ambitious start. I've been down with a bad cold/flu for 4 days now and still no signs of improvement. I have to wonder if this is a message about starting things off slowly? Cooling my jets? Taking the time I need to get well?

If any of this sounds familiar to you, or you've learned how to slow things down, prioritize what's really important, and cut out the stuff that isn't - kudos to you. I'm finding this to be a recurring challenge.

My FEEL mentors, Wendy and Andre Golding, are practicing...

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