February 1, 2018

Happy to share this post written by a client who worked with Marion Langford, the herd and I this past fall:

To be able to do this, and then make sense of it in words later, with Marion and Cheri as witnesses to the whole dance, was a gift I will never forget.

As a therapist, I often say to my clients "Your body is not a car - your body is a horse". When I say this, I am inviting them to pay attention to the non-verbal signals of emotion and sensation that their body provides, to learn to settle their emotions and be in the moment.

Now, thanks to Marion’s and Cheri’s invitation to work with the herd, I would learn the truth of that saying.


January 7, 2018

We first met Zorro last spring.  He and his friend Beau, a 30 year old Thoroughbred, came to live with us. Here's a couple photos of the herd meeting each other. Zorro is the miniature horse being checked out by Kola, our lead gelding.

In a matter of weeks, Beau took a turn for the worse. He had only 4 teeth left, was very thin and developed a bad abscess in his hoof so that he could barely move. He was laid to rest in our back fields near Yankee, our beloved first horse.

Beau had been the only horse Zorro had ever known. He was just a foal when he was bought as a companion for Beau, who had been retired from his show jumping career. For the l...

January 2, 2018

I'm usually quite optimistic about new beginnings like a new year, a new school term or starting a new job. This year I'm feeling a little behind my usual ambitious start. I've been down with a bad cold/flu for 4 days now and still no signs of improvement. I have to wonder if this is a message about starting things off slowly? Cooling my jets? Taking the time I need to get well?

If any of this sounds familiar to you, or you've learned how to slow things down, prioritize what's really important, and cut out the stuff that isn't - kudos to you. I'm finding this to be a recurring challenge.

My FEEL mentors, Wendy and Andre Golding, are practicing...

October 2, 2017

Meet the new herd members at Horse Discovery!

For those who haven't been here since the Spring, there's been some big changes in the herd.
We now have 5 amazing horses: Barney, Kola, Santana, Soleil and Zorro.

Many of you already know Barney, the gentle giant. Kola is our youngest horse, the inquisitive, playful buckskin in the photo here. Santana was the first to join our herd in June. He is reserved, almost shy, and very sensitive.

I'm so happy to say that the herd is now 'mixed', as we have a beautiful white mare named Soleil. From the moment she arrived, she has been a calming and stabilizing influence. She is Kola's mate, but she's also ve...

March 19, 2017

Capture your connection on camera

I'm excited to offer this unique addition to  FEEL sessions. My friend Manuela Stefan, equine photographer and photojournalist at Graceful Horses, has a quiet and unassuming way of capturing people in connection with horses. Next week she's hosting a group of women at a ranch in Mexico.

I've often wished I could take photos for clients during sessions, as there are incredibly tender and beautiful moments of connection with the horses. But I never trust myself to take pictures during a session without losing the moment. I have experimented with Manuela and trust her completely. And she is a professional so her ph...

March 15, 2017

The only thing constant in life is change. 

And our herd is about to change. With sadness I let you know that at the end of March, Casper and Huckleberry will be moving on. Their owner is taking them to another home. As always, it's the humans that muck things up for the horses. For young Kola, this is the only herd he's ever known, so I suspect it will be hardest on him. Kola and Barney will be joined by two new horses - one mare and one gelding. I'm very excited to have a mixed herd after all these years!

May 14, 2016

It seems a long time since the last newsletter when we were preparing for Christmas. It was an easy winter and since we had good footing for much of it, we were able to continue our FEEL sessions over the winter. Despite the warm temperatures, we still went through a record amount of hay, and I think we have Barney to thank for it. He has gained even more weight, and as we all know, it takes a lot of ‘salad’ to put on another few pounds. It takes a certain frame to carry 2000 pounds and still look fabulous!

I’m pleased to report that the rest of the herd is healthy and happy. Casper, the oldest, just turned 25. He had some problems with a loc...

October 15, 2015

Wrapping up the season at Horse Discovery

Hello Friends,


I write to you following a glorious Thanksgiving weekend. The colours are out in full, and the sun has been shining! The horses are getting in their winter coats and are velvety soft to the touch. It's been a year since we adopted Barney (at right) and I think he finally feels this is home. It took a while for him to settle in and be established in the herd. He has a special presence that you can't miss.


It’s been a full few months and it doesn’t look like the pace is going to let up - I’ve just accepted a full time marketing position with....

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If you...

August 20, 2015

Leadership Changes, Fall Events at Horse Discovery

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July 30, 2015

It has been fascinating to witness is the changing dynamics in our herd. In the spring, our lead horse Yankee died suddenly, leaving the remaining four horses to figure out their new hierarchy. Horses are prey animals (the hunted) that depend on the strength of the herd to survive. They are quick to submit to the ‘strongest’ - but not necessarily the largest or most dominant - horses in order to keep harmony within the herd.


Typically in the wild, horses have a male leader (stallion) and a female leader (mare). The others would show traits of dominance and submissiveness at times, and may even challenge, bother or pester the leaders.  This wou...

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